Bloody Krill / 5Kg

Bloody Krill / 5Kg

€ 41,25 Normale prijs
€ 38,50Verkoopprijs
Perfection just got a name!

Made with the best Antartic Krill , Hemoglobin ,Crushed Hemp , Chicken meal , Gamarus, topped of with Pure Krill Liquid.

After combining different ingredients we finally managed to create A boilie near to perfection , the structure of this boilie is very open and results in High Leakage and attracts carp like a magnet.

Rivers , canals ,small lakes , Big Lakes ,ponds , whatever with this boilie you just can't go wrong.
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    All Season Bait

    Very suitable as an instant bait
    also available in the same range, Bloody Krill Food-Grade Pop Up's
    and Bloody Krill Activator Soak.

    **Named prices P/5KG**