Gary Ebro Sheridan

Consultant Spain

Favoriet Aas: Triple8'Tive

Favoriete Rig : Blow-Back Rig

Gary's story is something else!

As  a Fishing guide on the Ebro/ Spain he knows what Carpfishing is all about , for more then 40 Years this Man is angling for  Big Carp , and he does the Business!

In the past Gary participated in numerous Carp Contests , including the World Carp Cup.

Gary uses every trick in the ''book''  to get them in the net , and with great results!

Of course Gary is not fishing for Carp only , as A fishing guide on the mighty Ebro he sure knows his way with Big Catfish , the 200Lbs he has caught are countless!

Wanna know more about Gary and his Guidance on the Ebro? 

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